The Big Plus

The updates and forecasts for most of my recent clients have been positive and encouraging. Much of this is attributable to a wonderful planetary combination unfolding now.

For many people, Uranus (the planet of sudden change and breakthroughs) and Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) are combining to bring optimism, lucky chances, and fortunate turns in life.

I call this “The Big Plus.”

It is something you probably want to know more about and to capitalize on.

It will bring you special opportunities according to what planets and houses affected in your horoscope over the next five months.

In fact, this may bring life-altering events for you over all of this coming decade.

To know how The Big Plus relates to you personally, I will record a special custom report based on your time, date and place of birth and e-mail you the mp3 recording. This is just like a private one-on-one consultation with me speaking directly to you about how the Big Plus will impact your life.

To receive this report, simply click on the PayPal link below to pay by credit card or secure bank transfer.

The cost for this special personal recorded consultation is just $40.

Please note: this report is different and separate from my complete updates whereby I address and discuss all of your issues and opportunities.