Spa and Beauty Parlor Marketing Tips

Its extremely important to begin to understand the relationship between how women think and what they want if we are ever to truly know the right services and products to market within your business.  The most common mistake most people make in the beauty industry is thinking you know your target audience, years ago marketing was about segmenting the market into different categories such as demographic trends, income and interests, but in order to survive in todays market you have to begin to understand what women really want.

When thinking about setting up your business its important that you carry out marketing techniques that will establish whether or not there is a niche in the area required for your particular spa or beauty parlor services, you need to also be sure that you are providing the right treatments as women love to talk and share their ideas with friends and family and the same applies to product if your customer likes it, she will share this with female friends and colleagues and hopefully this will also encourage them to buy into your brand.

The reception desk for beauty salon is the first point of contact for your client, where you as a salon owner are able to make an impact with retail sales, through the use of clever visuals and attractively packaged products.  It an interesting point to note that women feel that advertisers don’t understand them and rather than seeing the wafer thing model glaring out at them from glossy magazine covers, they would rather see realistic depictions of women over 40 as radiant, smart and beautiful.  Many women look at real life attractive women in beauty advertisements as an inspiration and would like to see a more realistic image of successful attractive women on display whether that be a diva, engineer or super mom.  Women also get advise from their friends on what beauty brands and services to buy so it’s a good idea to try to hook into friends and family offering vouchers and 25% off deals if you refer a friend.  Creating a network of people is a sure fired way of reaching out to as many people as possible, word of mouth is one of the biggest recommendations for your business and should never be underestimated,

As you begin to get an idea of what women really want, you can slowly begin to build your marketing strategy around this, do your research well so that you get an idea of what motivates women to make a purchase decision, once you have this information you are are better placed to accurately target your potential clients in order to give them exactly what they are looking for.

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