Midlife Career Change for Women

I have a client and friend who is an acupuncturist. She also has six kids. On top of that she and her husband decided to get involved with a network marketing company as an adjunct to their other careers. She is obviously spread a little thin but somehow manages to pull off her day with a smile. It occurred to me how common it now is to see this midlife career change for women.

She came to me because she was having trouble with getting people involved in her network marketing business. She said she needs to talk with more people but it can be difficult due to her demands as a mom.

It’s funny because as she was telling me her situation I couldn’t help but chuckle. I am a man with one child and run two seperate businesses and I am working all the time. She on the other hand said she gets a little busy. For the life of me, I have no idea how women, at least this woman does it. I literally can’t imagine having that many kids to juggle throughout the day. I’m maxed out with one.

But back to midlife career change. The interesting thing about us a species is we like to fight. We love to struggle against opposition. We want to take a breather periodically but mostly we like to get in there and mix it up.

I’ll give you an example. Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where it felt like you were on a role or about to have a breakthrough only to have something come up that wrecked the whole thing?
Now, Have you been to that place more than once?

It’s the fight. What do we have if it all ends? People are afraid of being bored. As much as we want it we are afraid to relax too much. I would know, I lived in Hawaii on and off for 15 years. And the one most common thing I heard was, “I like Hawaii, but I would never want to live there, I think I would get bored.” Yet it’s the number one vacation spot in the world. Go figure.

My point is this. If you are a woman who wants to or has to make a career change, pay attention to issues you have with needing to continue to fight. In the work place as well as at home. Your life will be less overwhelming is you choose to fight less and make others not engage in a fight with you. This will make a career change less stressful and less challenging. Then you will be making a better change for life.

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