Making Money Online Begins With Good Search Terms

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they try to make money online using Google is not basing their website, or blog, around some that actually converts.  The overall goal is to produce revenue and to do that people eventually have to purchase something.

The best niches on the Internet are ones where clicks, or leads, translate in sales.  No matter if you are planning to monetize with Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay or some other form of affiliate advertising your visitors must turn into sales for someone in order for everyone to make money.

This explains why every blogger and Internet marketer wants to rank high for some “make money online” niche.  It is not only saturated beyond reasonableness but highly competitive.  I always wondered why anyone new would go at it.  In five years, if you were good, you might rank one page  five for a decent keyword unless you had some sort of special “in” with someone.  But the answer is clear:  this niche converts at a very high level and each conversion can net a publisher, on average, $4-$10.  A high click through ratio complemented by a high cost-per-click equals a gold mine and everyone knows it. That is why you have a million bloggers out there going after that keyword.

You do not have to go for the jugular to make money.  There are many other terms that convert well that are not nearly as competitive as “make money online.”  Out of the millions of things people search for and purchase on the Internet only a fraction of them are deemed “nearly impossible” to get.  The better ones will require more work but there are plenty of words and phrases that your average blogger who is just starting out can get.

You need to think about what someone would purchase from the Internet.

What product stimulates someone searching for it to make an impulse buy?  What is hot right now?  Any product you know that is trending?  These are things that will convert well if you write about them.  Note:  you do not have to make a whole site about a specific product.  All you have to do is make a post about it and build back links to it.

Think long and hard about the terms you are going after if you are an Internet marketer.  If you have been doing it for a while and are still not making money then you need to re-analyze your keywords.  If they do not convert or do not have a high enough CPC then you will never make money from your online business.

Please visit this website if you would like to learn more information about making money with Google by blogging. It contains a wealth of information that bloggers and Internet marketers can use in order to maximize their changes of making money off the Internet just by writing about they know about or like.  Its doable and hundreds of people are doing it every single month.


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