Make and Save Money with Garage Sales

A garage sale is also called a yard sale or tag sale, depending on your part of the country. Garage sales can work for you, both being a seller or a buyer. Here’s the info for you about how to utilize garage sales.

As a Seller

Holding a garage sale allows you to earn money for your unwanted items. Figure fifty or a hundred dollars or more, depending upon what you have to sell.

Start in advance preparing and pricing your items. Make sure the prices are clearly visible.

On the day of the garage sale, set up everything early so that you do not miss early shoppers (who come before the advertised time). This game is all about marketing, and you will put your marketing and negotiation skills to the test, that’s for sure.

Clear signage and direction arrows pointing to your home are essential.

Having a good assortment of attractive items will help gawkers become shoppers, and get out of their cars to come purchase something.

The problem with garage sales, like having a  rainy wedding reception, is simply that good weather cannot be ordered up in advance. If it rains, you could have a dismal turn out.

As a Buyer

When you are a garage sale shopper, you are the hunter, out looking for treasures. You can do this simply for fun, or to save money.

For families with small kids, garage sales are perfect, because children outgrow their clothing so quickly. At a yard sale you can pick up the next size of clothes your child will be needing.

Map out your route in advance. Above all else, drive carefully, as you may be in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Take an assortment of small bills for payment, a tape measure, and hand wipes in case you get dirty.

Having a list of what you would love to buy will remind you of the things you need at home. This way, you won’t forget anything you might be in the market for, and will have all the information handy.

Bottom line

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, yard sales are great for the pocket book because they allow you to buy for yourself or to sell your own items.

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