Find More New Customers – New Stickers Designed to Locally Promote Social Media Accounts

Do food and beverage brands still utilize stickers for their promotions?’s response is a loud “Yes”. Owing to Social Media, current brands ought to extend relationships with consumers or fans of their product or service more than ever. This is the primary goal of the company which will pull out all the stops to encourage and develop a strong connection between a brand and its consumers by leveraging the power of Social Media. The company recently launched their website with each Follow Me Sticker custom made for a particular Social Media like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

The website lets visitors to input their username or profile URL. Some stickers like the “Mini-QR Stickers” also allow marketers and promoters to add-in a trackable as well as generated Quick Response (QR) code to their stickers. These can be scanned using a smartphone and after scanning, this code is used to offer promotional videos which interact straight with the clients, selling everything from a cup of coffee in a travel cup holder to a pair of running sneakers. These also encourage the customers to “Like” a brand’s Fan Page on Facebook.

The “Follow Me Stickers” are in general a super way for brands to nurture their bonds with local clients. Besides, these stickers are all immensely attractive, reasonable and weatherproof too.

“There is lot of misinformation hovering around on how to get more and more supporters or fans for a particular brand. At, we follow a unique and innovative method to encourage the right type of local fans of a brand. We also make use of a fun way to promote yourself”, said the Founder and CEO of, Stuart M. Lawson. was launched in Tustin, CA on the 1st of April, 2011. Within this short span, the company has already been featured in various startup review websites such as,,,, Ziipa,com, and The company aims towards becoming the leading custom Social Media Sticker Company in the online world.

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