What One Should Know About Famous Female Entrepreneurs

A list of famous female entrepreneurs would include Oprah Winfrey, Debbi Fields, Mary Kay Ash, Estee Lauder, Madame C.J. Walker, Anita Roddick and Coco Channel. Many other women have followed in their footsteps and while they have not made millions they have found a satisfying career that enables them to earn a living while doing the work they love.

Many people wonder about the education needed to become an entrepreneur. The fact of the matter is that a person really does not need more than an eighth grade education. In fact Madame Walker was orphaned at the age of 7 married at 14 and did not have much if any formal education. Other women entrepreneurs such as Oprah Winfrey and Debbi Fields did not have much of an education either. The education needed to become an entrepreneur is the education in the school of life. In many instances these women experimented with different techniques and even various lines of work before making it big.

The ability to work hard and pursue a dream is imperative if one wants to be a successful entrepreneur. Each of the women listed above had to overcome numerous obstacles before their dreams were realized. While all of these women had many excuses for quitting or feeling sorry for themselves they refused to do so and were rewarded for their perseverance.

Female entrepreneurs who want to be successful in their line of work should consider the famous women listed above and learn from their lives. It does not matter where one is born or what type of education one has. What matters is dedication perseverance the willingness to work hard and being unwilling to settle for less than the best. A woman who is willing to work hard to achieve her dream will achieve it no matter how unrealistic it may seem at first.

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