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Midlife Career Change for Women

I have a client and friend who is an acupuncturist. She also has six kids. On top of that she and her husband decided to get involved with a network marketing company as an adjunct to their other careers. She is obviously spread a little thin but somehow manages to pull off her day with […]


Why Catering is Great for Stay at Home Moms

While many moms like to stay at home with their children, a second income is a realistic need for most families. Luckily, there are some jobs that stay at home moms can do from home. Catering is one of these. Starting a catering business is a great way for a stay at home mom to […]


Night Jobs For Women Can Be Safe

Women these days are continuously evolving. Long ago, women were not permitted to work outside of the home. In todays world women already populate the working force and more than that, women are already present at night working night jobs. All of this is because of women empowerment. Woman are now exposed to everything as […]


Why A Paralegal Career Is A Great Choice For A Woman

Women are usually good decision makers, have natural empathy for other people and so make excellent legal professionals. Not every woman wants to be an attorney though as they don’t want to spend all that time at college. They also could be worried about combining what are usually long hours with raising a family. If […]