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What One Should Know About Famous Female Entrepreneurs

A list of famous female entrepreneurs would include Oprah Winfrey, Debbi Fields, Mary Kay Ash, Estee Lauder, Madame C.J. Walker, Anita Roddick and Coco Channel. Many other women have followed in their footsteps and while they have not made millions they have found a satisfying career that enables them to earn a living while doing the work they love.

Many people wonder about the education needed to become an entrepreneur. The fact of the matter is that a person really does not need more than an eighth grade education. In fact Madame Walker was orphaned at the age of 7 married at 14 and did not have much if any formal education. Other women entrepreneurs such as Oprah Winfrey and Debbi Fields did not have much of an education either. The education needed to become an entrepreneur is the education in the school of life. In many instances these women experimented with different techniques and even various lines of work before making it big.

The ability to work hard and pursue a dream is imperative if one wants to be a successful entrepreneur. Each of the women listed above had to overcome numerous obstacles before their dreams were realized. While all of these women had many excuses for quitting or feeling sorry for themselves they refused to do so and were rewarded for their perseverance.

Female entrepreneurs who want to be successful in their line of work should consider the famous women listed above and learn from their lives. It does not matter where one is born or what type of education one has. What matters is dedication perseverance the willingness to work hard and being unwilling to settle for less than the best. A woman who is willing to work hard to achieve her dream will achieve it no matter how unrealistic it may seem at first.

Find More New Customers – New Stickers Designed to Locally Promote Social Media Accounts

Do food and beverage brands still utilize stickers for their promotions?’s response is a loud “Yes”. Owing to Social Media, current brands ought to extend relationships with consumers or fans of their product or service more than ever. This is the primary goal of the company which will pull out all the stops to encourage and develop a strong connection between a brand and its consumers by leveraging the power of Social Media. The company recently launched their website with each Follow Me Sticker custom made for a particular Social Media like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

The website lets visitors to input their username or profile URL. Some stickers like the “Mini-QR Stickers” also allow marketers and promoters to add-in a trackable as well as generated Quick Response (QR) code to their stickers. These can be scanned using a smartphone and after scanning, this code is used to offer promotional videos which interact straight with the clients, selling everything from a cup of coffee in a travel cup holder to a pair of running sneakers. These also encourage the customers to “Like” a brand’s Fan Page on Facebook.

The “Follow Me Stickers” are in general a super way for brands to nurture their bonds with local clients. Besides, these stickers are all immensely attractive, reasonable and weatherproof too.

“There is lot of misinformation hovering around on how to get more and more supporters or fans for a particular brand. At, we follow a unique and innovative method to encourage the right type of local fans of a brand. We also make use of a fun way to promote yourself”, said the Founder and CEO of, Stuart M. Lawson. was launched in Tustin, CA on the 1st of April, 2011. Within this short span, the company has already been featured in various startup review websites such as,,,, Ziipa,com, and The company aims towards becoming the leading custom Social Media Sticker Company in the online world.

Make and Save Money with Garage Sales

A garage sale is also called a yard sale or tag sale, depending on your part of the country. Garage sales can work for you, both being a seller or a buyer. Here’s the info for you about how to utilize garage sales.

As a Seller

Holding a garage sale allows you to earn money for your unwanted items. Figure fifty or a hundred dollars or more, depending upon what you have to sell.

Start in advance preparing and pricing your items. Make sure the prices are clearly visible.

On the day of the garage sale, set up everything early so that you do not miss early shoppers (who come before the advertised time). This game is all about marketing, and you will put your marketing and negotiation skills to the test, that’s for sure.

Clear signage and direction arrows pointing to your home are essential.

Having a good assortment of attractive items will help gawkers become shoppers, and get out of their cars to come purchase something.

The problem with garage sales, like having a  rainy wedding reception, is simply that good weather cannot be ordered up in advance. If it rains, you could have a dismal turn out.

As a Buyer

When you are a garage sale shopper, you are the hunter, out looking for treasures. You can do this simply for fun, or to save money.

For families with small kids, garage sales are perfect, because children outgrow their clothing so quickly. At a yard sale you can pick up the next size of clothes your child will be needing.

Map out your route in advance. Above all else, drive carefully, as you may be in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Take an assortment of small bills for payment, a tape measure, and hand wipes in case you get dirty.

Having a list of what you would love to buy will remind you of the things you need at home. This way, you won’t forget anything you might be in the market for, and will have all the information handy.

Bottom line

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, yard sales are great for the pocket book because they allow you to buy for yourself or to sell your own items.

Making Money Online Begins With Good Search Terms

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they try to make money online using Google is not basing their website, or blog, around some that actually converts.  The overall goal is to produce revenue and to do that people eventually have to purchase something.

The best niches on the Internet are ones where clicks, or leads, translate in sales.  No matter if you are planning to monetize with Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay or some other form of affiliate advertising your visitors must turn into sales for someone in order for everyone to make money.

This explains why every blogger and Internet marketer wants to rank high for some “make money online” niche.  It is not only saturated beyond reasonableness but highly competitive.  I always wondered why anyone new would go at it.  In five years, if you were good, you might rank one page  five for a decent keyword unless you had some sort of special “in” with someone.  But the answer is clear:  this niche converts at a very high level and each conversion can net a publisher, on average, $4-$10.  A high click through ratio complemented by a high cost-per-click equals a gold mine and everyone knows it. That is why you have a million bloggers out there going after that keyword.

You do not have to go for the jugular to make money.  There are many other terms that convert well that are not nearly as competitive as “make money online.”  Out of the millions of things people search for and purchase on the Internet only a fraction of them are deemed “nearly impossible” to get.  The better ones will require more work but there are plenty of words and phrases that your average blogger who is just starting out can get.

You need to think about what someone would purchase from the Internet.

What product stimulates someone searching for it to make an impulse buy?  What is hot right now?  Any product you know that is trending?  These are things that will convert well if you write about them.  Note:  you do not have to make a whole site about a specific product.  All you have to do is make a post about it and build back links to it.

Think long and hard about the terms you are going after if you are an Internet marketer.  If you have been doing it for a while and are still not making money then you need to re-analyze your keywords.  If they do not convert or do not have a high enough CPC then you will never make money from your online business.

Please visit this website if you would like to learn more information about making money with Google by blogging. It contains a wealth of information that bloggers and Internet marketers can use in order to maximize their changes of making money off the Internet just by writing about they know about or like.  Its doable and hundreds of people are doing it every single month.


Spa and Beauty Parlor Marketing Tips

Its extremely important to begin to understand the relationship between how women think and what they want if we are ever to truly know the right services and products to market within your business.  The most common mistake most people make in the beauty industry is thinking you know your target audience, years ago marketing was about segmenting the market into different categories such as demographic trends, income and interests, but in order to survive in todays market you have to begin to understand what women really want.

When thinking about setting up your business its important that you carry out marketing techniques that will establish whether or not there is a niche in the area required for your particular spa or beauty parlor services, you need to also be sure that you are providing the right treatments as women love to talk and share their ideas with friends and family and the same applies to product if your customer likes it, she will share this with female friends and colleagues and hopefully this will also encourage them to buy into your brand.

The reception desk for beauty salon is the first point of contact for your client, where you as a salon owner are able to make an impact with retail sales, through the use of clever visuals and attractively packaged products.  It an interesting point to note that women feel that advertisers don’t understand them and rather than seeing the wafer thing model glaring out at them from glossy magazine covers, they would rather see realistic depictions of women over 40 as radiant, smart and beautiful.  Many women look at real life attractive women in beauty advertisements as an inspiration and would like to see a more realistic image of successful attractive women on display whether that be a diva, engineer or super mom.  Women also get advise from their friends on what beauty brands and services to buy so it’s a good idea to try to hook into friends and family offering vouchers and 25% off deals if you refer a friend.  Creating a network of people is a sure fired way of reaching out to as many people as possible, word of mouth is one of the biggest recommendations for your business and should never be underestimated,

As you begin to get an idea of what women really want, you can slowly begin to build your marketing strategy around this, do your research well so that you get an idea of what motivates women to make a purchase decision, once you have this information you are are better placed to accurately target your potential clients in order to give them exactly what they are looking for.