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Spa and Beauty Parlor Marketing Tips

Its extremely important to begin to understand the relationship between how women think and what they want if we are ever to truly know the right services and products to market within your business.  The most common mistake most people make in the beauty industry is thinking you know your target audience, years ago marketing […]


Display Your Business Poster Ads by Using Poster Holders

When your business has decided to put out a special offer or discount for your service, choosing the right type of ad to promote it is essential. These ads play a significant role in businesses as it brings in more customers and thus, more sales. Like many businesses, you would rather spend less in creating […]


The Importance of Structure when Running a Business from Home

Around some 45% of home based operators choose their current home as a place to run their business out of, this usually happens because the businesses has emerged through a hobby or interest and has been created without any formal planning.  Often out of necessity the kitchen table, a bedroom or a garage becomes the […]